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"Susan Symons has done another fantastic job, proving the point that history can also be fun…"    

Eurohistory: The European Royal History Journal

Publicity pic - schloss hunting in Germa
Susan Symons


The accidental discovery by Susan Symons of a portrait of Queen Victoria in her attic sparked her lifelong interest in European Royal History and was also the start of a collection of portraits of Victoria and her family. By reading about the Queen’s colourful life story she realised that history need not be boring and that royal history in particular is both fascinating and fun. She says it is like a historical version of Hello magazine.

Additonal schloesser - Berchtesgaden.JPG
My Favourite Schlösser


Schloss is the German world for castle or palace and, wherever you are in Germany, you are never very far from one of these. For most of its history, Germany was not a single country but a patchwork of independent royal states held together under the banner of an empire. The dukes and princes who ruled these states were passionate builders and have left behind a marvellous legacy in the thousands of schlösser (the plural of schloss) that dot the German countryside. For anyone who is interested in royal history, Germany is a delight to visit.

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