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Roseland Books

Roseland books

Roseland Books is the publishing business set up by husband and wife Terry and Susan Symons to publish Susan’s books. lt takes its name from the beautiful Roseland peninsula on the south coast of Cornwall where they have a home.

Before retiring, Terry had a highly successful career in taxation including senior positions in the Inland Revenue and many years as a senior international tax partner in PricewaterhouseCoopers London office. His love of the German language and literature since childhood led Terry to suggest a trip to Germany when Susan retired and this proved the inspiration for the Schloss books! The couple are now regular visitors to Germany and enjoy discovering out of the way places and fascinating schlösser.

Terry is a key collaborator in the creation of Susan’s books. He takes the photographs used as illustrations and also designs the book covers. He says that producing the charts and family trees to supplement the text has certainly challenged his PowerPoint skills! Another challenge is that so many German castles are on top of a hill and can only be reached on foot!

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